Fararay at a glance

What distinguishes it from others is a customer-oriented one.

Business, information, insight and tools needed for today's success. We do not conceive of winning a business, but the privilege of being in the world of competition. In many businesses, decisions are based on past behaviors, not on the horizons ahead. We provide a combination of culture, movement and technology to date so that you can make a quick and informed decision. Our work begins when customers make their choice based on the expertise, innovation and support they provide.


Year 2003

How we started From local start up to global success story

Like many of our customers, we began as a start-up business. Our founders wanted to automate the print estimating and basic accounting process in his own business. He worked with a team of Tehran University students to develop software to manage this more efficiently.

We realised that other companies could also benefit from this and formed Fararay in 2003 to begin selling the software.
We understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face. Like them, Fararay has innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at heart.
Year 2004

The production of a dedicated system of foreign investment companies within the country has been carried out to meet the information needs of international standard systems and the logical system of communication between Iranian and international databases and is still ongoing.

Preparation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Year 2005

Considering the importance of the use of new operational procedures and information control technology, the necessity of using a series of Integrated software in the field of information gathering in domestic companies and active foreign companies in the country was quite significant and made it important for the company to take action Provide a comprehensive information system that enables consumers to easily access the level of information technology without having to deal with cross-border issues and crafting education. The company has devoted a major part of its activities to the production of basic tools, and the result of this effort is the creation of a robust tool called “Object Model”, the company's entire software packages are produced and produced by this tool. The production of this Our tool enables us to provide each item on customer order in the shortest possible time and with the most advanced features available to the operational stage. At this point, financial accounting systems and payroll systems were developed and made available to the applicant's customers.

Year 2006

• Production of cash management system
• Production of inventory accounting and inventory control system
• Generate Sales Accounting System
• Development of the financial accounting system for preparation of financial statements of international companies (IFRS)
Year 2007

• Production Reporting System (Kara Reporter)
• The production of fixed assets and assets
• Generate stock system
• Registration of software products produced at the Secretariat of the Supreme Informatics Council and receipt of identification code
Year 2008

• Development of allocation and transportation management system
• Development of industrial accounting system
Year 2009

• Development of credit and budget control system
• Development distribution system (sales distribution)
• Preparation of standard financial statements by the reporting system
• Membership in the Computer Organization of the province of Tehran and obtaining a license
Year 2010

• Development sales service system
• Development of database system of real estate and
• Obtaining a rating certificate at the Supreme Informatics Council of the country
Year 2012

• Development planning of materials and capacities and production planning
• Development system for registration and control of production performance
• Development of the system of authenticity and health of goods for the production of labels
• Development and customization of the warehouse system
Year 2013

• Development and customization of financial systems for the insurance industry
• Development of customer order system under the Android operating system
• Development of purchase order system
• Development of Time Sheet system
Year 2014

• Development of Business Process Management System (BPMS)
• Development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Development and customization of the Cost accounting system
• Development of the second generation of Fararay systems
• Generate a sub-file for file download through excel for all software systems
• Obtaining a Certificate of Registration of Integrated Management System Software
Year 2015

• Development of Point Of Sales System (P.O.S)
Year 2016

• Development of information dissemination subsystem
• Development of the third generation of Fararay systems
Year 2018

• Development of the fourth generation of Fararay systems
• Development of a comprehensive tour system for tourists
• Development of internal audit system in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance industry.

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